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About Us

JDRF (formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is the largest private funder of T1D research in the world, and is committed to improving the lives of every person with type one diabetes (T1D). Your participation in the Promise Ball, now in its 15th year and the major event for the JDRF on Vancouver Island, directly helps the JDRF’s research goals to cure T1D!

The JDRF has a bold plan for the future of T1D research in Canada. As better treatments unfold and the prospect of curing this disease rests on the horizon, we remain ever-committed to directing more resources to launch and sustain innovative research and clinical trials from coast-to-coast, while working closely with the T1D community to advocate for their needs amongst our network of scientific innovators and government leaders. More details on the JDRF Canada mission, priorities and research projects are available at jdrf.ca.

2019 Contributors

The Promise Ball Gala is led by a dedicated team of volunteers from our community

  • Jim Beatty, Volunteer Vancouver Island Chapter Chairman (and MC for the event)

  • Manpreet Kandola, Chairperson

  • Colette Baty

  • Diana Beatty

  • Emma Casebeer Parston

  • Shaye Draper

  • Hardip Johal

  • Gina Savard

  • Mandy and Graham Stobbe

Please see the JDRF Vancouver Island website for more information on our activities, and check out our Facebook Page and Instagram posts for updates from our community.

The JDRF Charity Business Number is 11897 6604 RR0001 and donations made during the Promise Ball are eligible for a charitable tax receipt under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.